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By the Planet for the Planet 


Novel Microbial Ecology Platform 

Harness the power of natural microbial communities and their biological functions  in Health, Food, Agriculture, and Climate applications 

The Promise

In our planet's ecology, there are around a trillion species of bacteria with an enormous variety of biological and ecological functions.  

Today only 1% of these bacteria can be cultured 

EcoBiotaX uses advanced AI and novel biological capabilities to discover and construct natural-based microbial communities to address the desired functions in health, food, agriculture, and climate applications  


Solutions Domain


ecoSat- Deep insights Computational Platform 


Our novel AI computational platfrom ( ecoSat ) natural bacterial ecology consortiums are based to address a desired biological function and define best-selected consultation to generate these functions based on the used media characteristics and environmental constraints   

Our Ecology Generation biological technology enables EcoBiotaX to  extract any type of bacteria based on its function from existing samples and generate the required ecologies 



Leadership Team

Naama Geva-Zatorsky

PhD, Co-Founder

Shay Hilel

Co Founder, CEO

Dean Light

Co Founder,CTO

Head of the Microbiome Lab,The Technion, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine,  Technion Integrated Cancer Center.Her research combining systems-biology with microbiology and immunology to study the interactions between gut microbes and the host immune system in health and disease. Her Ph.D from the Weizmann Institute, studying systems-biology of protein dynamics in cancer. Her postdoctoral was at Harvard Medical School, studying gut microbiota-host interactions

Serial entrepreneur with vast experience as founder, senior executive & business manager CEO and Co founder of BrainVu (Acquired in 2018 ). Head of the Alcatel Lucent Digital Multimedia Division (Was Spin-off and acquired by Nantworks in 2014 ). Shay worked both in startups and corporate organizations with a verity of hands-on technology leadership roles

A computational biology & SW architect expert focusing on complex multidisciplinary problems. Prior to BiotaX, Dean was software architect @Technion Data & Knowledge (TDK) Lab - the computer science faculty and developer team lead @Lamm lab - the department of biology , Technion.Dean holds an M.Sc. in Biology and B.Sc. in both Mathematics and Computer Science from the Technion.Dean is a recipient of the 2019 Sherman award for distinguished academic achievement in multidisciplinary research.

Advisory Board / Consulting

Illumina Accelerator Invests in Nine Genomics Startups for Second Global Cycle Feb 8 2021

Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ: ILMN) has selected nine new genomics companies to join the second global funding cycle of Illumina Accelerator in the U.S. and UK. The global company creation engine, focused on partnering with entrepreneurs to build breakthrough genomics startups, invested in four companies for the second funding cycle of Illumina Accelerator Cambridge, UK and five companies for the twelfth funding cycle of Illumina Accelerator San Francisco Bay Area. The newest companies to join Illumina Accelerator’s portfolio of genomics startups include: BiotaX Labs LTD, a spinoff from Technion Research and Development Foundation (TRDF) Israel, is harnessing the power of the microbiome to diagnose and provide effective, tailored and safe microbial treatments.
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