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Safe, Personalized Diagnosis & Treatments Based on  Manipulations of The Natural Human Microbiome

At Biotax we’re passionate about building new innovative products that will disrupt the Biotechnology industry. Based on novel technologies, advanced science, and top leading researchers.

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Who We Are

Biotax is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering biological and genomic informatics solutions for pharma companies, hospitals, and medical centers. Founded by a group of leading researchers whose mission is to help patients by creating new diagnostics and treatment protocols.


Our Technology

Includes safe and personalized biological microbiome manipulation processes supported by cutting edge meta-genomic AI analysis platforms

Pipetting Samples

Leadership Team


Prof. Naama Geva-Zatorsky

Co-Founder, CS

Head of the Microbiome Lab,The Technion, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine,  Technion Integrated Cancer Center.Her research combining systems-biology with microbiology and immunology to study the interactions between gut microbes and the host immune system in health and disease. Her Ph.D from the Weizmann Institute, studying systems-biology of protein dynamics in cancer. Her postdoctoral was at Harvard Medical School, studying gut microbiota-host interactions

Shay Hilel

Co Founder, CEO

Serial entrepreneur with vast experience as founder, senior executive & business manager CEO and Co founder of BrainVu (Acquired in 2018 ). Head of the Alcatel Lucent Digital Multimedia Division (Was Spin-off and acquired by Nantworks in 2014 ). Shay worked both in startups and corporate organizations with a verity of hands-on technology leadership roles

Dean Light

Co Founder,CTO

A computational biology & SW architect expert focusing on complex multidisciplinary problems. Prior to BiotaX, Dean was software architect @Technion Data & Knowledge (TDK) Lab - the computer science faculty and developer team lead @Lamm lab - the department of biology , Technion.
Dean holds an M.Sc. in Biology and B.Sc. in both Mathematics and Computer Science from the Technion.
Dean is a recipient of the 2019 Sherman award for distinguished academic achievement in multidisciplinary research.

Advisory Board / Consulting


Assistant Professor 
 Itai Sharon

Dr. Sharon is the head of the Computational Microbiology group at Migal - Galilee Research Institute and is an assistant professor at the Computer Science Department at Tel-Hai College. His research focuses on developing advanced computational methods for the study of the microbiome in humans and other environments using NGS data.


Assistant Professor 
Elizabeth Half (MD)

Assistant Professor Elizabeth Half (MD) and senior researcher, specialist in gastroenterology and hepatology, Director of the Early Detection and Cancer Prevention Unit at Rambam Medical Center, director of the Hereditary Cancer Clinic and the BRCA Carrier Clinic


Biotax was selected by illumina

Feb 8, 2021

Illumina Accelerator Invests in Nine Genomics Startups for Second Global Cycle

Open Positions

Biotax is a well-funded company that aims to change the way in which cancer diagnostics and treatment development is done. Joining Biotax AT this stage will mean joining the core and future leadership team of the company where your work at Biotax could make an impact and help save lives. 
As a growing Biotechnology Startup, we are looking for new team members who are tapping in to the forefront of research and development of advanced Genomics, Machine learning BigData Microbiology. 

Data Engineer

Full Time

Biotax is looking for a Data Engineer to join the RnD team and take a key role in developing and optimizing algorithms and data pipelines for the metagenomic diagnostic platform. 

Who are you 

You are a talented motivated individual who is passionate about working with us to make a meaningful impact in the world of early cancer detection and prevention. You have experience in developing pipelines and working with data. Simultaneously, you want to take your software development, DevOps and MLOps skills to the next level. 

Why you should join Biotax 

Biotax is a well-funded company that aims to change the way in which cancer diagnostics and treatment development is done today. We are tapping into the forefront of advanced solutions in ML research, ML ops and cloud based automation. Working with us, you could build next generation genomic pipelines while using and contributing to the state of the art in data versioning and lineage,MLOps and DevOps. Joining us in this stage will mean joining the core and future leadership of the company. Your work at Biotax could help save lives while improving your ability and productivity as a top-class Data Engineer. 

Primary Responsibilities 


  • Be at the core of the RnD team, taking charge of developing and optimizing algorithms, together with our CTO. 

  • Build and optimize data pipelines that integrate multiple data sources. 

  • Take ownership and improve our dataOps cycle in the company, while learning from experts in the field of DevOps and MLOps. 

  • Participate in the invention and development of new algorithms architectures and tools. 

  • Implement and support integration of automation frameworks for training, testing and deployment of new models. 

  • Participate in writing patents and other documentation on the underlying IP. 

Technical Requirements 

  • At least 2+ years of industry experience in a Data engineer position. 

  • Knowledge in a high level programming language and a scripting language. 

  • Experience in Unix environments. 

  • Experience in working with cli of cloud service providers. 

  • Experience in Kubernetes.  

  • Experience with automated ML ops solutions – advantage 

  • Experience with biological/medical/genomic domains - advantage 

Personal Requirements 

  • Can explore and research for new solutions from varying sources. 

  • Collaborate effectively with people with diverse background and skills. 

  • Quick learner, highly adaptable to new stacks. 

  • Ability to work well in teams and with external consultants/personnel. 

  • Excellent communication skills. 

  • Desire to grow together with and within the company. 

Postdoctoral fellows

Full Time


BiotaX is looking for talented and extremely motivated postdoctoral fellows for exciting research projects on the human microbiome and their interactions with the host immune system


  • PHD in Biological sciences

  • Experience in Lab Work


  • Haifa, Israel

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